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Hailey integrates into your existing tech stack, making sure changes in employee data synchronizes with other systems. As we constantly update existing integrations and add new ones, please let us know if you are looking for something specific.


Activate our Slack integration to get organizational updates and enable employees to access their dashboard and tasks from Slack.


Access your tasks, report time off, and get notifications for company events like new colleagues joining or celebrating birthdays or anniversaries.

Azure AD

Connect Hailey with Microsoft Azure AD to provide a seamless onboarding process and eliminate the need for manual account management.

Google Workspace

Activate our Google Workspace integration for an effective onboarding process that ensures that new employees have the necessary accounts set up.


Automatically synchronize employees from Hailey to Okta.


Companies use Teamtailor to automate the hiring processes. With our integration, you can transfer your candidate directly to Hailey when it's time to sign.


Automate synchronization of time off, salary changes and employee data by connecting Hailey to your Fortnox account.


With our integration to Crona, Hailey transfers data automatically. Avoid having to manually update personal data of your employees.

PE Accounting

Simplify and automate your HR workflows with our PE Accounting integration. Create and update users in Hailey HR and user details are auto-updated in PE Accounting.


Activate the integration to export a file with employee data and time off data from Hailey, ready for import to Hogia.

Hailey API

Tailor your use of Hailey with our REST API and webhooks.

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Integration platform

By using Kombo, Hailey can integrate to more tools in your HR tech stack, like Greenhouse, Workable or DATEV.

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Kontek Lön

Our integration to Kontek Lön synchronizes employee data and salaries from Hailey to keep your payroll management up-to-date.


Ravio allows you to understand compensation in your market in real-time. Make smarter salary, equity and benefits decisions without touching a spreadsheet.