Hire your best team

The employee experience extends from the first contact to offboarding. In Hailey, you'll find all the tools you need to make a great first impression and maintain it throughout the entire employee journey.

Employee experience
Employer brand
Flexible templates

Enhance employee experience

We make the process straightforward for you, helping you deliver an excellent employee experience. By using effective tools, you create significant value for both the organization and new employees.

Communication: Streamline communication flows that keep everyone informed and actively engaged.

Relationships: Strengthen your corporate culture and establish connections with employees from the outset by reflecting organizational values and setting clear expectations from the beginning.

Experience: Continually enhance the employee experience and reinforce your employer brand.

All of this is delivered in a solution that is easy for everyone within the organization to use, allowing you to fully focus on what you do best - HR.

Administration made easy

The system gathers all essential information, providing you with the perfect setup to plan for changes and uphold high standards.

Master data is kept up-to-date and secure, updated through encrypted channels to ensure the safe collection of data.

With reliable and customised processes, you streamline your operations by saving time and automating documentation. Whether it's hiring, rehiring, transferring within the company, or ending employment, we guide you through each step to make sure that no detail is missed.