Integrate Zavvy and Hailey

Unleash the potential of your growing business with a comprehensive, AI-enhanced people enablement platform.

Grow your people
Improve performance
No more silos

Why Zavvy?

  • Grow your people with internal training courses, individual development plans, and 10.000+ external courses.
  • Improve employee and team performance with performance reviews, skill gap analyses and competency reports, and multi rater feedback.
  • Build your people's careers with competency matrices, leveling frameworks and career paths. Ensure transparency and motivate your best people.
  • Enlist the help of the AI assistant to save time and gain efficiency (Ask Zavvy AI to create your company wide career progression and leveling framework).
  • Ensure that your people processes act in sync and not as silos by bridging the gaps between performance feedback, actionable development activities and training resources.