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We created Hailey to make your day-to-day as straightforward and focused as possible. These are the tools that keep HR simple for you and your organization. Contact us for a more in-depth demo of any feature.

Screenshot of Built-in e-signature

Built-in e-signature

Hailey comes with built-in signing capabilities. Use BankID, MitID or traditional e-sign to collect signatures from candidates and employees and keep sensitive data within the platform.

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Screenshot of Company page

Company page

Provide employees with one place to find general information about your organization. The company page is home to your important documents, frequently asked questions, and an always up-to-date organizational chart.

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Screenshot of Contract repository

Contract repository

Build and store all contracts and policies used to hire and manage employees with an easy-to-use contract editor. Automatically populate employee data and reduce the risk of typos.

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Screenshot of Digital employee file

Digital employee file

Hailey provides a 360° employee overview combined with a timeline highlighting relevant employment events. It also lets your employees keep their own profile up to date.

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Screenshot of Feedback


Provide your managers with the tools they need to lead and develop their employees effectively. Conduct effective 1:1s with feedback templates, sign-offs, and preparation surveys.

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Screenshot of GDPR Center

GDPR Center

We have placed great emphasis on being 100% GDPR compliant. Thus, we only store sensitive employee data with European suppliers. We don't rely on US providers such as Azure, Google, or AWS for storing your data.

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Screenshot of Goals

Goals New

We built this feature to support OKRs and SMART goals. However, other frameworks - or no framework - also work great. Set objectives, break them into key results, and keep track of progress - in the same place. Make it effortless to review results at check-in meetings.

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Screenshot of HR Analytics

HR Analytics

Reporting and gathering data from different sources is a time-consuming activity for HR. Reduce admin time by levering the broad set of employee data stored in Hailey – enabling a more data-driven approach to HR.

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Screenshot of Holiday planning

Holiday planning

Start a structured process of collecting holiday requests from your colleagues. Let your team provide their wishes in a few clicks, using their holiday balance. Give managers and HR a clear overview that makes decision-making and planning easy. In short: how holiday planning should work.

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Screenshot of Onboarding


Create a consistent and welcoming onboarding experience with a company-specific intro portal. Collect sensitive data without sending emails back-and-forth and automate task delegation.

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Screenshot of Payroll


Hailey makes payroll management easy and secure. Approval workflows reduce the risk of mistakes, and salary changes appears in change reports or automatically in payroll software via integration.

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Screenshot of People admin

People admin

View and filter all employee data in one place - always up-to-date and available. Assign workflows to start automated processes or use the bulk updater to make data changes. Mass distribute policies and get them populated with accurate data and stored under corresponding employees.

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Screenshot of Salary Review

Salary Review New

Salary reviews can be a hassle, but not anymore. Ensure the right people in your company are on board before salary changes are locked in. Deciding parties can easily follow the process from beginning to end. 

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Screenshot of Surveys


Measure the pulse of your company with pre-made templates or create your own custom surveys. Follow up on results in real-time and drill down into the data to better understand what actions to take.

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Screenshot of Time


Customize your time policies to make it relevant to the different operating markets and make time tracking easier and more effective with the help of Hailey.

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Screenshot of Time Off

Time Off

With Hailey you can customize your time off policies and set country specific non-working days. Obtain a clear overview as a manager and avoid hassle with the help of Hailey.

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Screenshot of Whistleblowing


Protect your organization with a secure and anonymous whistleblowing solution designed to comply with the EU Whistleblower Directive and the GDPR.

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Screenshot of Workflows


Create custom and automatic workflows to increase productivity and help your colleagues ensure that all steps are always taken care of. Get visibility on workflows that are stuck and make sure the processes move forward.

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