We created Hailey to make your day-to-day as straightforward and focused as possible. These are the tools that keep HR simple for you and your organization. Contact us for a more in-depth demo of any feature.

Screenshot of 360 Review

360 Review

Our 360-degree feedback tool provides a holistic view of an employee's performance. It gathers input from peers, managers, direct reports, and self-assessments to paint a complete picture of strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities.

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Screenshot of Certifications


Certificates are essential for certain roles to maintain a high-quality and safe workplace. They demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge required for a particular job, but they also serve as evidence of professional accomplishments.

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Screenshot of Company page

Company page

Provide employees with one place to find information about your organization. Scope the content on your organization depending on who should access what. The company page is home to your essential documents, frequently asked questions, and an always up-to-date organizational chart.

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Screenshot of Competencies

Competencies Soon

Simplify skills management by defining important abilities and proficiency levels. This approach helps organise and display the competencies within the organisation in a straightforward way.

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Screenshot of Contract repository

Contract repository

Build and store all your contracts and policy documents for hiring and managing employees with an easy-to-use contract editor. Automatically populate employee information to avoid manual errors in the contracts.

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Screenshot of Digital employee file

Digital employee file

The digital employee file offers a complete overview of each employee, enabling HR and managers to access and update employee data easily. Employees can also maintain their own profiles, while the system records all significant employee events.

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Screenshot of Educations


Educations will provide you with a concise page listing all education opportunities within your organization. With this feature, you can efficiently determine how often each education is held, who has taken it, and who has not.

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Screenshot of Goals


We built this feature to support OKRs and SMART goals. However, other frameworks - or no framework - also work great. Set objectives, break them into key results, and keep track of progress - in the same place. Make it effortless to review results at check-in meetings.

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Screenshot of HR Analytics

HR Analytics

Reporting and gathering data from different sources is a time-consuming activity for HR. Reduce admin time by levering the broad set of employee data stored in Hailey – enabling a more data-driven approach to HR.

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Screenshot of Holiday planning

Holiday planning

Start a structured process of collecting holiday requests from your colleagues. Let your team provide their wishes in a few clicks, using their holiday balance. Give managers and HR a clear overview that makes decision-making and planning easy. In short: how holiday planning should work.

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Screenshot of Onboarding


Create a consistent and inviting onboarding experience with a tailored preboarding portal unique to your organization. Efficiently gather sensitive data without sending emails back-and-forth, all while boosting your employer brand in the process!

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Screenshot of One-to-one


Good communication is one of the cornerstones of a thriving organization. With Hailey, you have everything you need to make check-ins a natural and structured part of performance management.

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Screenshot of Payroll


Make your payroll management efficient and secure. With flexible settings and automated workflows, ensure that the right person has access to the right information. Updated reports ensure you never miss any changes, and our turnkey integration solutions with payroll systems further simplify the process.

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Screenshot of People admin

People admin

View and filter all employee data in one place - always up-to-date and available. Assign workflows to start automated processes or use the bulk updater to make data changes. Mass distribute policies and get them populated with accurate data and stored under corresponding employees.

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Screenshot of Preboarding Portal

Preboarding Portal

Make a great first impression! Create a consistent and inviting experience with a tailored preboarding portal unique to your organization. Efficiently gather sensitive data without sending emails back-and-forth, all while boosting your employer brand in the process!

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Screenshot of Recruitment


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Screenshot of Salary Review

Salary Review

Salary reviews can be a hassle, but not anymore. Ensure the right people in your company are on board before salary changes are locked in. Deciding parties can easily follow the process from beginning to end. 

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Screenshot of Security & GDPR

Security & GDPR

Hailey ensures top-tier data security and GDPR compliance by storing sensitive information with European suppliers. Tailor access and permissions for your employees, offering complete control over who sees what within the platform. Explore robust security functions, including encryption, access controls, and audit logs, to safeguard your data effectively.

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Screenshot of Surveys


Track responses in real-time or monitor trends with our Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) feature. Dive deep into the data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions about your next steps.

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Screenshot of Time


Automated time cycles and clear overviews make your time tracking efficient and uncomplicated. Customize your time policies to make them relevant to your different operating markets.

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Screenshot of Time Off

Time Off

Streamline your time-off management with Hailey. Gather all data in the platform, from leave requests to filterable overviews and summary reports. Adjust settings by country to tailor the process to your company.

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Screenshot of Whistleblowing


Protect your organization with a secure and anonymous whistleblowing solution designed to comply with the EU Whistleblower Directive and the GDPR.

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Screenshot of Workflows


Custom and automatic workflows can significantly increase productivity and consistency within your organization. Customization allows you to tailor them to fit your organization's specific needs, where tasks are targeted effectively. Help your colleagues ensure that all steps are taken care of and get visibility on workflows that are stuck and make sure the process moves forward.

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