Effortless time tracking

Intuitive time tracking helps you ensure efficiency, comply with regulatory requirements, maintain payroll accuracy, and uphold health and safety standards. To streamline this process, you can effortlessly apply for leave or report sickness through your preferred app, whether it's Hailey's own, Slack, or Teams. We handle the details and provide clear, concise overviews.

Easy to use
Customizable overviews
Accurate analytics and reporting

Time flies

Indeed, it does. That's precisely why accurate and punctual time tracking is essential to ensure no detail is missed. We made it simple and accessible for everyone involved.

Easy registration in your preferred app: Choose Hailey, Teams, or Slack for streamlined time management.

Time cycles: Automate reminders to prompt employees at the right time each month—you decide when.

Approval principles: Ensure the right person approves the correct request, directly when submitted.

Smooth Configuration: Effortless workflows in the hiring process and simple setup during changes ensure that all data remains up-to-date for each employee.

Stay in control with tailored overview

Our flexible settings are designed to meet the unique needs of different countries and companies, ensuring that views are easy to access and tailored for every part of your organization.

Time and time off policys: Customize settings to perfectly fit your organization’s specific requirements.

Evaluate and analyze: Use powerful tools to assess and understand trends in time and time off usage.

Plan and overview: Keep all your data in one centralized place for a clear view of how time is allocated across your team.

Detailed reports: We provide clear and concise reports documenting all time and absence details: Time, time off, holiday balance, comp time and overtime.