Security & GDPR

We founded Hailey to serve as the secure solution required to meet high security standards. A retention policy manages all employee data, automatically removing and helping you adhere to the GDPR. To ensure compliance, we have no data storage with US providers, all providers are EU-owned with servers in Europe.

Location matters

GDPR safeguards individuals' privacy by granting ownership over personal data and regulating how companies process it. Data storage location matters - using American companies risks violating European laws incompatible with GDPR due to different legislative approaches. Storing data on European servers owned by a European company ensures GDPR compliance.

That's why we store your data in the Netherlands and in Finland - with EU-owned providers. 

Compliance made easy

The platform is built with Privacy by default, meaning we have security in mind when designing the platform. This is what the system does automatically for you:

  • Data retention on each field that contains personal data.
  • You have access to an audit log - to audit all events that occurred within your company account.
  • Crypto shredding for irrevocable destruction of deleted data.

Privacy by design

The platform is designed to give you control over data access and editing rights. Self-service functionality allows employees to update their personal information securely, avoiding data leaks via email or paper notes. Tailor the platform to fit your organization's needs:

  • Roles and Rights: Create unlimited roles to customize access across the organization.
  • Approval Principles: Decide which functions can make changes and who should approve actions like time off and salary adjustments.
  • Scoping: Ensure the right data reaches the right person, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Consent Management: Facilitate sign-offs and e-signatures for consent tracking.

This granular control over data access and processes enables you to maintain a secure and compliant environment while empowering self-service where appropriate.

What we do internally

In addition to internal security and GDPR training, we proactively take measures to validate our system's integrity and adherence to best practices:

  • Penetration tests - We pay people to try to break in to Hailey.
  • Vulnerability scans are regularly performed by our quality assurance department to find potential flaws in the system.
  • Internal revision twice a year, to make sure our employees are aligned with the processes and routines to keep your data safe.

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