Ease of use

User experience is more than a nice design and quick navigation – but don’t worry, we got those too! 🍰

We believe in flexibility which gives you the freedom to tailor. Scalability when you grow and automation when you want to maximize the benefits of a good foundation. 

Intuitive design

No system support means anything if it's not used. Hailey is designed to be equally user-friendly for HR, managers, and employees.

The interface is of course a significant part of the design, but to keep it simple, the system is structured so that you only see what you have access to.

  • Employees see a streamlined view with what they need access to. Simple and accessible!
  • Managers see a bit more and can quickly overview all the information they might need. Prepared templates and an automatic manager agenda sent out every week provide them with support and focus in their work.
  • HR has the bird's eye view and often sees all parts of the platform. Built-in guides lead you through the setup of larger processes.

Efficient automation

It's easy to create powerful workflows that automatically assign tasks and send reminders. Take pre- & onboarding as an example:

The process starts when you initiate a hire; the new employee receives the contract digitally, and the information lands directly in Hailey.

Before the first day of work, the system assigns tasks to managers, IT, finance, and other relevant parties, to order equipment, set up accounts, or schedule team lunches, etc. When the employee arrives, everything is ready! The system sends reminders when it's time for follow-up, and the employee has a template with preparatory questions on their dashboard. Of course, all of this can be customized entirely to your needs and your organization.


30 or 3000 employees, locally or globally – we support various sizes, languages, currencies, and calendar systems. The system is as comprehensive as you want it to be;

Smaller companies often need support in overarching processes and may even lack an HR department. You set up what you want to use, and the system adapts accordingly. "Growth companies benefit from implementing Hailey early on, gradually scaling up settings alongside the organization.

Larger organizations often prefer to delve a bit deeper into the setup. Roles and rights are configured for the system based on legal entities, location, and custom fields unique to your organization. Adjustments can be easily made in the system continuously, taking into account the aforementioned aspects, ensuring that the system is perfectly tailored to the various parts of the organization

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