Map skills and develop competence

Leverage your company's proficiency by using smart features that document and categorise the knowledge within your organisation.


Use existing competence

Gain an overview of the skills, certificates, and training your employees possess. With a clear overview, you can:

  • Assemble effective work groups
  • Save time and money by using existing skills within the organisation
  • Improve employee performance, both in teams and individually
  • Offer the right professional development opportunities
  • Plan for future recruitment

Identify and verify

To fully use your employees' skills, it's essential to keep track of the knowledge within the organisation. Some tasks also require documented and verified skills. Our skills management features help you stay informed.

Skills inventory: Customise checklists of skills required for each role, including both technical abilities and soft skills like communication and leadership.

Compliance: Ensure all necessary certificates and licences are up to date according to industry regulations and legal requirements.

Clear Overview: Don’t miss any details! Get an overview of who attended the latest training session and when the next one is scheduled.