Everything you need, plus a little extra

A platform serving up the latest information: real-time updated and tailored for each user. Everything you need, plus a little extra.

Company page
Employee list

An informative foundation

Features such as the company page, employee profiles, and employee directory provide a powerful and clear overview of all vital information about your employees, benefiting HR, managers, and employees alike.

The dashboard offers practical tools like face quizzes, manager schedules, company news, and updates on today’s absences and birthdays.

The mobile app gives employees direct access to important information, which not only increases accessibility but also enhances communication and efficiency within the company.

The employee directory is always updated with the latest information, allowing for customized lists and reports.

Updates directly from the source

With just a few clicks, users can register and update their information. When the information comes directly from the source, the process becomes both safer and more efficient.

An employee who moves, changes their diet, or just got their driver's license - this is information that can be relevant for the company. It is also information that the employee owns and can easily update in their profile.

A manager needs to know which emergency contact to reach in the event of a workplace accident or if a colleague doesn’t show up to work. In such cases, the information needs to be updated and accessible.

If an organisational change is to be made and a department needs to be split into two separate units, HR can make the update directly in the employee directory using filtering and bulk updates, which then reflect in the integrated payroll system.

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