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The benefits of a flexible HR platform

With operations in 11 countries, Prenax needed to find an HR system that was secure, flexible, and user-friendly to efficiently manage their employees worldwide. Zahra Touli, Global Sustainability and HR Manager at Prenax, had a clear vision for the ideal HR system and needed to meet specific requirements to achieve this goal.

A system is only as user-friendly as the user perceives it to be. I can independently perform a lot of work and rarely need to request support. I have previous experiences with other HR systems where there were long response times, and in frustration, I learned to code to speed up the process of adding data to the system. Now, with Hailey, I can easily carry out tasks on my own, and it's not even comparable to how much time I save."

Another crucial factor was the system's ability to handle the specific rules and requirements applicable in each country where Prenax had operations. Hailey enabled centralized management of HR processes while allowing customizations to meet national requirements.

"Even a simple detail like the system being able to handle different currencies and convert them into our base currency has eliminated the need to use separate Excel files and has enabled faster and more efficient management of payroll and budget reports. As the Global Sustainability and HR Manager, I have also focused on sustainability and ensured that our HR system meets internal requirements when reporting key metrics and similar data. Additionally, our IT governance is focused on high level of security and compliance with regulations, which is why our HR system had to have servers in Europe."

The increased efficiency and flexibility of the system have allowed Prenax to quickly adapt to specific country requirements while maintaining an overall global standard.

Zahra Touli, Global Sustainability and HR Manager at Prenax

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