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Flexibility and user-friendliness

Aarke is a Swedish design company with a range of premium home essentials. As a fast-growing company they were looking for an easy-to-use HR platform. Read more about why Olivia chose Hailey:

"Aarke is a fast-growing company with a staff increase of over 400% over the past two years. As the only person in HR, I was looking for a partner and platform that met my criteria for user-friendliness, flexibility, accessibility, and as much functionality as possible to follow the employee journey.

I have been using Hailey HR's platform for a couple of months now and feel 100% that the platform meets my criteria. As for the availability of Hailey HR, it has exceeded my expectations and hopes. They are professional, fast, and competent.

My feeling is that Hailey has made a thorough assessment of what the industry needs, that legal requirements are met and that the system is flexible for the user – I could not have asked for more."

Olivia Bergström, HR Partner at Aarke

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