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Why Trimtec chose Hailey HR

Trimtec specializes in providing advanced measurement instruments and solutions for the Swedish market. They have around 50 employees in six offices spread across Sweden. See what Calle thinks about their first months with Hailey.

"We have used Hailey in our organization for a few months and are very pleased.

Being involved in developing a system has provided good opportunities to be involved and influence the design and functionality. The system's biggest strengths right now are its user-friendliness, logical layout, and process-focused functionality.

Other specific advantages of Hailey are the excellent ability to control access to information and documents at a detailed level, control/automate workflows, and build a company portal for pre-and onboarding. The analysis and reporting tools provide an easily accessible and flexible overview of various key figures within the organization.

The collaboration with the customer success manager has worked exemplary with high availability and responsiveness. The feedback you give is utilized and used well in the development work.

It is evident that Hailey is created by industry-savvy people who listen to what companies want.

I look forward to the continued development of the system and future functionalities and tools."

Calle Markowicz, HR Manager at Trimtec

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