Hailey HR - Self-Service

Put the power in employees' hands

Update personal information

All employees get their own profile. Let them update personal information, like emergency contacts and bank details, without having to involve HR.

Roles and access rights

Clearly defined access rights keeps the personal information safe. Unless updated by company admins, employees can only view their own profile.

Automate and save valuable time

Assign and delegate tasks

Involve employees with with auto-assigned tasks. Eliminate manual checklists, data duplication, and make sure nothing things falling through the cracks.

Reduce administrative work

All employee data in one place. With Hailey HR, you can reduce administrative work - both for employees and HR professionals.

Want to see how it works?

Have a look at how our easy-to-use solution can supercharge your HR processes.

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Have a look at some of our other features.

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