Simplified contract management

Create and manage contracts

It has never been easier to manage employment contracts. Say goodbye to outdated PDFs and Word files. Hailey helps you create and manage all your employment contracts.

Save time with reusable templates

Don’t start from scratch. Build reusable templates and save them in your contract repository. Need different templates for different roles? No problem!

Automate with your HR master data

Pull data from employee file

No need to move data and employee information from an email. Pull in data och populate the contract with employee data from the system.

Reduce administrative work

Use e-signature to sign company policies. All signed documents are automatically saved to the employee's file.

Want to see how it works?

Have a look at how our easy-to-use solution can supercharge your HR processes.

Wait, there's more!

Have a look at some of our other features.

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